The Tarot: A Guide To Practical Magic

Connie A. Reeder-Wright


These essays are written specifically for people who use the tarot cards, and those who would like to apply their guidance to their daily lives.  A Now society has taken place in the United States that has our culture craving information at the click of a mouse.  My intention with these essays is to condense the wisdom of the tarot into an action format, and to offer activities you can do Right Now to change your life.  These cards help open up our intuitive center, and bless us with wisdom and advice deep from within.  The tarot cards give us good orderly direction, and it is up to us to take it or leave it.    

Each card presents a Force or Energy that is present in our life, and we need to honor that Force/Energy.  Anybody can do this work.  Secretaries, social workers, teachers, therapists, sales and marketing reps, Anyone can apply the guidance of the tarot anywhere at any time In schools, church, the office or at home-the guidance of the tarot is available for you to follow.  The purpose of these writings is to give you concrete activities to do when you pull a specific card.  I simply want to offer a practical guide to using the tarot’s guidance for our mundane, day to lives.  I hope you enjoy this practical magic.  

Connie Reeder-Wright