The Science of The Will
                    (Brotherhood of the Light)

The human Will (1), enlightened by Science (2), and manifested by Action (3), creates the Realization (4), of a power which it uses or abuses according to good or bad Inspiration (5), in the circle which has been traced for it by the laws of universal order. After having surmounted the Trial (6), which has been imposed by Divine Wisdom, he will enter by his Victory (7), into possession of the work it has created, and establishing his Equilibrium (8), upon the axis of Prudence (9), he will rule the oscillations of Fortune (10).

>The Force (11), of man, sanctified by Sacrifice (12), which is the voluntary offer of himself upon the altar of devotion or expiation, triumphs over death. This divine Transformation (13), raises him beyond the tomb into the serene region of infinite progress and opposes the reality of Initiative (14), to the eternal falsehood of Fatality (15). The course of time is marked by Ruins (16), but beyond every ruin one sees reappear the dawn of Hope (17), or the twilight of Deception (18).

>Unceasingly, man aspires to that which ever flees from him, and the Sun of Happiness (19), will only rise for him beyond the Tomb (20), after the renewal of his being by death, which opens to him a higher sphere of Will, Intelligence and Action.

Every will that lets itself be governed by the instincts of the flesh abdicates its liberty and is bound to the Expiation (22), of its errors. On the contrary, every will which unites itself to Deity in order to manifest truth and work justice, enters even in this life, into a participation of divine power over beings and things, Recompence (21), eternal of Freed Spirits (0).”